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Are you looking to source Wrenches part number 0154-10D, 0154-12, 4100, FRR7, AC16V by manufacturer Greenlee Communications, Aven Tools, Apex Tool Group, Ok Industries, Lemo? ASAP Parts Unlimited, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Our customers can quickly search through billions of parts to find the exact part they need. The ASAP team are on hand to answer any questions or solve any procurement issues. We can cross reference any part numbers and verify manufacturing standards.

We have some of the fastest shipping and lead times in the industry meaning we can accommodate any AOG time constraints. The ASAP team has worked hard to perfect the quality assurance process. As a result, we are an FAA AC 0056B accredited and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Submit a quote today for your desired  Wrenches parts.

Wrenches Manufacturers List

Wrenches Part Numbers List

Part No. Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
0154-10D Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 10.39 Avl RFQ
0154-12 Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 12.36 Avl RFQ
4100 Aven Tools 3/8"" pistol grip imp wrench Avl RFQ
FRR7 Apex Tool Group wrench set combo 5/16-3/4 Avl RFQ
AC16V Apex Tool Group wrench adjustable 15/16 6.00 Avl RFQ
AC110V Apex Tool Group wrench adjustable 1-5/16 10.00 Avl RFQ
46CGV Apex Tool Group xcelite 6 adjustable wre Avl RFQ
FRR4 Apex Tool Group wrench set combo 3/8-9/16 Avl RFQ
FR28SWMP Apex Tool Group wrench adjustable 7/8 8.47 Avl RFQ
FRRM4 Apex Tool Group wrench set combo 10mm-15mm Avl RFQ
FRRM7 Apex Tool Group wrench set combo 8mm-18mm Avl RFQ
AC8NKWMP Apex Tool Group wrench adjustable 1 8.00 Avl RFQ
AC18V Apex Tool Group wrench adjustable 1-1/8 8.00 Avl RFQ
48CGV Apex Tool Group wrench 8 adjust cdd 48cgv Avl RFQ
44CGV Apex Tool Group wrench 4 adjust cdd 44cgv Avl RFQ
0154-06D Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 6.46 Avl RFQ
0154-10C Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 9.69 Avl RFQ
0154-12C Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 11.81 Avl RFQ
0154-06 Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 6.44 Avl RFQ
0154-08C Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 7.88 Avl RFQ
0154-10 Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 9.69 Avl RFQ
0154-12D Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 12.36 Avl RFQ
0354-25 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 1-1/8 16.50 Avl RFQ
0354-56 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 11mm 9.60 Avl RFQ
0354-58 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 13mm 7.05 Avl RFQ
0354-60 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 15mm 7.80 Avl RFQ
0154-08 Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 8.44 Avl RFQ
0154-08D Greenlee Communications wrench adjustable 8.43 Avl RFQ
0354-02 Greenlee Communications wrench set combo 7mm-15mm Avl RFQ
0354-17 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 5/8 8.50 Avl RFQ
0354-18 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 11/16 9.69 Avl RFQ
0354-21 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 7/8 11.13 Avl RFQ
0354-24 Greenlee Communications wrench combo 1-1/16 14.02 Avl RFQ
0354-26 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 1-1/4 16.50 Avl RFQ
0354-53 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 8mm 5.31 Avl RFQ
0354-01 Greenlee Communications wrench set combination 1/4-5/8 Avl RFQ
0354-11 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 1/4 5.31 Avl RFQ
0354-19 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 3/4 9.76 Avl RFQ
0354-14 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 7/16 6.61 Avl RFQ
0354-15 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 1/2 7.09 Avl RFQ
0354-16 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 9/16 7.48 Avl RFQ
0354-23 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 1 12.68 Avl RFQ
0354-20 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 13/16 11.13 Avl RFQ
0354-22 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 15/16 12.68 Avl RFQ
0354-51 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 6mm 5.31 Avl RFQ
0354-55 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 10mm 6.18 Avl RFQ
0354-57 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 12mm 6.81 Avl RFQ
0354-59 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 14mm 7.44 Avl RFQ
0354-12 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 5/16 5.31 Avl RFQ
0354-13 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 3/8 6.26 Avl RFQ
0354-61 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 16mm 8.43 Avl RFQ
0354-62 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 17mm 9.06 Avl RFQ
0354-54 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 9mm 5.55 Avl RFQ
0354-63 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 18mm 9.37 Avl RFQ
0354-52 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 7mm 5.31 Avl RFQ
0354-64 Greenlee Communications wrench combination 19mm 9.69 Avl RFQ
34941 Greenlee Communications wrench box end 1 Avl RFQ
AW-10 OK Industries adjustable wrench 10 Avl RFQ
ASW-R12 OK Industries wrench combination 1/2 6.50 Avl RFQ
ASW-R716 OK Industries wrench combination 7/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
ASW-916 OK Industries wrench open end 9/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
DCP.99.060.TC LEMO wrench open end 6mm 3.07 Avl RFQ
DCP.99.045.TC LEMO wrench open end 4.5mm 2.76 Avl RFQ
DCP.99.055.TC LEMO wrench open end 5.5mm 3.07 Avl RFQ
DCP.99.040.TC LEMO wrench open end 4mm 2.76 Avl RFQ
DCP.99.050.TC LEMO wrench open end 5mm 3.07 Avl RFQ
ASW-7916 OK Industries wrench open end 7/16x9/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
AW-12 OK Industries adjustable wrench 12 Avl RFQ
ASW-12 OK Industries wrench open end 1/2 6.50 Avl RFQ
ASW-716 OK Industries wrench open end 7/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
TWAF-71620 OK Industries wrench open end 7/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
TWAF-1220 OK Industries torque wrench full 1/2 20in/lb Avl RFQ
TWAF-91620 OK Industries torque wrench full 9/16 20in/lb Avl RFQ
TWAS-71620 OK Industries wrench open end 7/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
TWAF-71630 OK Industries wrench open end 7/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
TWAS-71630 OK Industries wrench open end 7/16 6.50 Avl RFQ
1055546-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 1/4 & 5/16 Avl RFQ
1055791-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 5/8 6.97 Avl RFQ
FRRM7 Weller wrench set combo 8mm-18mm Avl RFQ
1055826-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 5/32 6.97 Avl RFQ
FRR4 Weller wrench set combo 3/8""-9/16 Avl RFQ
FRRM4 Weller wrench set combo 10mm-15mm Avl RFQ
1055868-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 9/16 6.97 Avl RFQ
1061789-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 3/4 6.97 Avl RFQ
1055790-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 13/16 6.97 Avl RFQ
1055850-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 15/64 4.49 Avl RFQ
1055258-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 5/16 4.49 Avl RFQ
1055512-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 9/32 6.97 Avl RFQ
1055419-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 5/16 6.97 Avl RFQ
1055787-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 1/4 4.49 Avl RFQ
35016 Wiha wrench open end 18mmx19mm 8.78 Avl RFQ
32976 Wiha wrench pipe 2.6 22.44 Avl RFQ
35019 Wiha wrench open end 21mmx23mm 9.84 Avl RFQ
1278422-1 TE Connectivity wrench open end 1/4 3.19 Avl RFQ
AC110V Weller wrench adjustable 1-5/16"" 10.00 Avl RFQ
AC16V Weller wrench adjustable 15/16"" 6.00 Avl RFQ
AC18V Weller wrench adjustable 1-1/8"" 8.00 Avl RFQ
FRR7 Weller wrench set combo 5/16""-3/4 Avl RFQ
32971 Wiha wrench pipe 2.1 16.38 Avl RFQ
35002 Wiha wrench open end 5mmx5.5mm 4.09 Avl RFQ
35004 Wiha wrench open end 6mmx7mm 4.80 Avl RFQ
35006 Wiha wrench open end 8mmx9mm 5.51 Avl RFQ
35008 Wiha wrench open end 10mmx11mm 6.14 Avl RFQ
35014 Wiha wrench open end 16mmx17mm 8.03 Avl RFQ
35025 Wiha wrench open end 27mmx30mm 11.02 Avl RFQ
35026 Wiha wrench open end 30mmx32mm 11.89 Avl RFQ
35029 Wiha wrench open end 46mmx50mm 17.72 Avl RFQ
35033 Wiha wrench open end 5/16x3/8 8.00 Avl RFQ
35023 Wiha wrench open end 25mmx28mm 11.02 Avl RFQ
35034 Wiha wrench open end 3/8x7/16 9.30 Avl RFQ
35044 Wiha wrench open end 13/16x7/8 9.30 Avl RFQ
35045 Wiha wrench open end 7/8x5/16 9.80 Avl RFQ
35048 Wiha wrench open end 1-1/16x1-1/4 Avl RFQ
35053 Wiha wrench open end 1-7/16x1-5/8 Avl RFQ
35054 Wiha wrench open end 1-1/2x1-5/8 Avl RFQ
35003 Wiha wrench open end 5.5mmx7mm 4.80 Avl RFQ
35005 Wiha wrench open end 7mmx8mm 5.12 Avl RFQ
35009 Wiha wrench open end 10mmx13mm 6.77 Avl RFQ
35022 Wiha wrench open end 24mmx27mm 10.43 Avl RFQ
35042 Wiha wrench open end 3/4x25/32 9.30 Avl RFQ
35024 Wiha wrench open end 27mmx29mm 11.02 Avl RFQ
35038 Wiha wrench open end 19/32x11/16 Avl RFQ
35040 Wiha wrench open end 5/8x3/4 8.70 Avl RFQ
35043 Wiha wrench open end 3/4x7/8 9.30 Avl RFQ
35052 Wiha wrench open end 1-5/16x1-1/2 Avl RFQ
35055 Wiha wrench open end 1-11/16x1-7/8 Avl RFQ
35056 Wiha wrench open end 1-13/16x2 Avl RFQ
32980 Wiha wrench pipe 6 22.05 Avl RFQ
35090 Wiha wrench set open end 4mm-26mm Avl RFQ
35093 Wiha wrench set open end 1/4-2 Avl RFQ
35096 Wiha wrench set open end 6mm-19mm Avl RFQ
32970 Wiha wrench pipe 1.5 12.60 Avl RFQ
32978 Wiha wrench pipe 1.5 12.20 Avl RFQ
32979 Wiha wrench pipe 2.1 16.54 Avl RFQ
35035 Wiha wrench open end 7/16x1/2 9.80 Avl RFQ
35007 Wiha wrench open end 8mmx10mm 5.51 Avl RFQ
35010 Wiha wrench open end 12mmx13mm 6.77 Avl RFQ
35011 Wiha wrench open end 12mmx14mm 6.77 Avl RFQ
35020 Wiha wrench open end 22mmx24mm 9.84 Avl RFQ
35021 Wiha wrench open end 24mmx26mm 10.43 Avl RFQ
35028 Wiha wrench open end 36mmx41mm 14.09 Avl RFQ
35032 Wiha wrench open end 1/4x5/16 7.50 Avl RFQ
35036 Wiha wrench open end 1/2x9/16 7.50 Avl RFQ
35041 Wiha wrench open end 11/16x3/4 8.70 Avl RFQ
35097 Wiha wrench set open end 1/4-1 Avl RFQ
35099 Wiha wrench set open end 3/8-7/8 Avl RFQ
35046 Wiha wrench open end 15/16x1 10.40 Avl RFQ
35047 Wiha wrench open end 1x1-1/8 11.00 Avl RFQ
40006 Wiha wrench combination 10mm 5.51 Avl RFQ
40012 Wiha wrench combination 15mm 7.48 Avl RFQ
40014 Wiha wrench combination 17mm 8.27 Avl RFQ
40015 Wiha wrench combination 18mm 8.66 Avl RFQ
40016 Wiha wrench combination 19mm 9.06 Avl RFQ
40020 Wiha wrench combination 23mm 10.63 Avl RFQ
40056 Wiha wrench combination 15/16 11.02 Avl RFQ
40057 Wiha wrench combination 1 11.42 Avl RFQ
40029 Wiha wrench combination 26mm 11.81 Avl RFQ
40030 Wiha wrench combination 27mm 12.20 Avl RFQ
40037 Wiha wrench combination 38mm 15.75 Avl RFQ
40039 Wiha wrench combination 46mm 19.69 Avl RFQ
40052 Wiha wrench combination 3/4 9.06 Avl RFQ
40055 Wiha wrench combination 7/8 10.24 Avl RFQ
40040 Wiha wrench combination 50mm 21.26 Avl RFQ
40044 Wiha wrench combination 5/16 4.72 Avl RFQ
40003 Wiha wrench combination 7mm 4.33 Avl RFQ
40011 Wiha wrench combination 14mm 7.09 Avl RFQ
40062 Wiha wrench combination 1-3/8 15.75 Avl RFQ
40065 Wiha wrench combination 1-5/8 17.72 Avl RFQ
40095 Wiha wrench set combination 7/16-1 Avl RFQ
40099 Wiha wrench set combination 1/4-2 Avl RFQ
40013 Wiha wrench combination 16mm 7.87 Avl RFQ
40018 Wiha wrench combination 21mm 9.84 Avl RFQ
40034 Wiha wrench combination 32mm 14.17 Avl RFQ
40036 Wiha wrench combination 36mm 15.75 Avl RFQ
40038 Wiha wrench combination 41mm 17.72 Avl RFQ
40043 Wiha wrench combination 1/4 3.94 Avl RFQ
40048 Wiha wrench combination 9/167.09 Avl RFQ
40059 Wiha wrench combination 1-1/8 12.99 Avl RFQ
40066 Wiha wrench combination 1-3/4 19.69 Avl RFQ
40067 Wiha wrench combo 1-13/16 19.69 Avl RFQ
40086 Wiha wrench set combination 7mm-15mm Avl RFQ
40088 Wiha wrench set combination 6mm-19mm Avl RFQ
40089 Wiha wrench set combination 1/4-1-1/ Avl RFQ
40094 Wiha wrench set combination 10mm-10mm Avl RFQ
40097 Wiha wrench set combo 5/16-1-1/4 Avl RFQ
20007 Wiha wrench open end 7mm 3.86 Avl RFQ
20013 Wiha wrench open end 13mm 5.39 Avl RFQ
20016 Wiha wrench open end 16mm 6.46 Avl RFQ
20019 Wiha wrench open end 19mm 7.01 Avl RFQ
20010 Wiha wrench open end 10mm 4.21 Avl RFQ
20011 Wiha wrench open end 11mm 4.65 Avl RFQ
20012 Wiha wrench open end 12mm 5.08 Avl RFQ
20022 Wiha wrench open end 22mm 7.72 Avl RFQ
20138 Wiha wrench open end 9/16 5.75 Avl RFQ
20140 Wiha wrench open end 5/8 6.22 Avl RFQ
20091 Wiha wrench set open end 6mm-24mm Avl RFQ
20093 Wiha wrench set open end 6mm-19mm Avl RFQ
20147 Wiha wrench open end 1 8.39 Avl RFQ
20149 Wiha wrench open end 1-1/8 9.17 Avl RFQ
20148 Wiha wrench open end 1-1/16 9.17 Avl RFQ

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